Origin – Bypass EA App migration update

  1. Uninstall EA App and/or Origin
  2. Install Origin from one of the Origin Download sites below. Ensure you don’t update Origin after installing it.
  3. Open CMD (command-line) as admin.
  4. Open this file, and paste the text into in c:\ProgramData\Origin\local.xml, in the same section than the other Setting lines.
  5. Open origin

Origin Download Sites (Always use “Origin Full”, never “Origin Thin” versions):
1. https://taskinoz.com/origin/
2. https://origin.onl/

Xbox Series S/X gamepad bluetooth issue in Windows

In some circunstances, the Xbox Series S/X gamepad in PC (usually in Windows 10) is not recognized properly via Bluetooth, being named like this if you open joy.cpl:

English: 6 Axis 16 Button device with hat switch
Spanish: Eje 6 Botón 16 controlador para juegos con pulsador superior

While the gamepad seems to work, several issues appear: Not all games supported, no Steam support, no ReWADS support, etc.

Seems that the gamepad firmware is not installed properly on PC. But if you update the gamepad firmware via the console’s USB port, it does.
So the workaround is this:

  1. Connect the Gamepad to the console (Xbox Series S/X) via USB
  2. In the gamepad settings in the console, update the controllers (even if it’s says you are already up-to-date)
  3. Disconnect the gamepad from the console and connect it to Windows via Bluetooth, now it should work fine, showing something like this in joy.cpl:

English: Bluetooth LE XINPUT compatible input device
Spanish: Dispositivo de Entrada Bluetooth de bajo consumo

Source: Xbox has pushed an incomplete update for Series X|S controllers – Microsoft Community

Windows 11 Download/Install without checks

Use the Windows11Upgrade Tool from GitHub

You can use a tool named “Windows11Upgrade”. It can simply bypass Microsoft’s new requirements including TPM, and CPU Requirements as well. It also allows you to perform an in-place upgrade as well as a clean install option. Here is how you can use this tool to remove restrictions placed by Microsoft:

  1. First of all, Head over to this official GitHub and download the latest release (here).
  2. Open the tool as an administrator
  3. It should give you two options “Select Windows 11 ISO File” and “Download Windows 11 ISO file“.

  4. Select an option
  5. If you already have the ISO file you can go ahead and simply click on “Select Windows 11 ISO File”.Note: If you don’t have a Windows 11 ISO file you can simply click on the “Download” option. Just make sure to select the same language if you are going to perform an in-place upgrade otherwise it won’t work.
  6. Locate the ISO file and select it.
  7. Now it should give you options to “Upgrade”, “Data Only”, and “Clean Install”.
  8. Select the option you would like to perform and simply click on “Install System”.

  9. Then you can easily follow the on-screen instructions to Install Windows 11 on your computer.